Five Steps to Wash Your Car Using Pressure Washer – Easy car wash with Pressure Washer


Washing cars is an wearing profession and it stands expensive also. Nowadays we find car washing shops in almost every city though there numbers are not very high. For this cause they run an democratic business through taking a lot of dollars to wash your car. Record of the wounded are those who alive in a minor city or town zone anywhere the car washing shops are very few in number. You can get rid of from this expensive duty by using a pressure washer and doing the cleaning yourself. If you use your car regularly it is bound to get dirty; you have to wash your car in order to look clean and there is no way out. By following the below 5 easy steps you can get your work done easily.Pressure Washer

Step I: In this step you have to first choose the nozzle that you are going to use to wash your car. This is a very important thing because the nozzles have the capacity to harm the surface of your vehicle. To wash your car you should choose two nozzles that are soap application nozzle that has a very low pressure washer and a 25-degree or 40-degree nozzle that has less water force.Pressure Washer

Step II: Take your car to an open place or in a place that has enough space. The wide space provides you the working comfort; you can move around easily. You can keep all your cleaning instruments a little away from your car. Choose a place where you have enough water supplies and that has a proper drainage system as the dirty water needs to get away from the place. If you have a large garage you can use that one or park your car under a tree to get some shade in a sunny day.Pressure Washer

Step III: Now rinse your car using the soap applicator nozzle; you can apply soap with this nozzle. If you have a detergent tank in your pressure washer, use it. Otherwise, mix the detergent with water in a bucket and use that solution. After putting water on your vehicle if necessary do some rubbing to clean the oil and grease stains. Some of the pressure washers allow you to use hot water which is useful to remove oil or grease stains but it is advisable not to use them while washing your car. This might damage the paint of your vehicle.Pressure Washer

Step IV: Now remove your soap applicator and put 25-degree or 40-degree nozzle. Now spray the pressurized water over your loving car to get a final wash. Start from one side and finish on the other. Spray water on the tires and underside of your car where there is mud and other dirt got stuck. Keep your spray gun close to the surface while cleaning your tires to hit the dirt with higher force. The tough and sticky dirt needs much force to clean.Pressure Washer

Step V: After you finish washing, now it’s time to dry your car. To do this it’s better to use a soft cloth or foam that doesn’t hurt the paint of your car. You definitely don’t want any scratch on your loving car. Slowly wipe the water from the vehicle; wipe the glasses carefully. You can apply glass cleaning solution to make your side-view and rearview clean.Pressure Washer

You are actually done with your washing. This process is a very easy and cost effective for you. You need to wash your car twice or thrice in a month to maintain its shiny look. Now think who much money you have to spend if you go to a car washing shop. You can do this work very easily at your home with the help of a pressure washer.



  1. This looks fantastic, I am sitting outside at the moment looking at what needs to be done, the entertainment area, the roller door, the windows, the car the list is endless and I think I could do all these jobs myself and this little baby love looks easy enough for even me to use. best pressure washer

  2. A pressure washer is one of the most important parts of the house, it is used for many purposes. Th tip shared above for washing the car with the help of pressure washer is very good and very effective.
    Thanks for sharing.


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