How to lawn edging in good condition lawn edging tricks


In this article, we are going to see how to lawn edging or maintain a garden in good condition to be able to enjoy it in spring and summer in all its splendor, the care of the lawn, or planting plants taking advantage of the good weather.

The design of low maintenance gardens is based more on knowing the species and varieties than on making large economic investments.lawn edging

Many of us venture to have a garden because it is beautiful because we feel like caring for plants. But we always assert the same doubt, as keeping the garden in good condition without it does not take much time and work.

Maintenance of natural grass lawn edging 

It is likely that after winter, some areas of the garden have become “peeled” or the grass has “bald”, you will have to re-lay grass in those areas. Not everything is to sow and already, in summer you must reap it once a week, whereas the rest of the year it is not necessary. About 5 centimeters is a good height for colorful lawn, do not let it grow too much. If this happens do not go to mow a pass or will weaken, perform several rows until reaching the desired and/or advisable measure for your lawn.lawn edging

One of the recommendations to maintain your garden and lawn edging  so that it presents an excellent aspect is that the lawn is in good condition. We saw the care of the lawn in summer which may be of interest to you.

One of the basic garden maintenance tips is to multiply the plants

If there were any of your plants that caused in you a special feeling, that is, that you like a lot, you can multiply them in a simple way thanks to some techniques. An easy way to do this is through cuttings. To do this choose a stem of the plant with consistency, which is not woody or tender and short below the bud in diagonal. Both the flower and its leaves must remove them and then place the cutting in a humid substrate and under the shade. In not too long and if you do not lack moisture you will have a new plant equal to the previous one.lawn edging

If you have in pots of specimens you can make a division of forest, so you must remove the pot and split the root ball in two stretching with your hands or with the help of a pair of scissors, pay special attention not to damage the roots. This technique is best for species with rhizome.

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One of the tips to lawn edging comfortable and easy to care for is planting native varieties. They are better suited to our climate and soil type, so cultivation and care are much simpler and more effective. No doubt planting new specimens is a pleasure, it may not be entire because the cause of having to do so is due to the fact that during the winter frosts some died.lawn edging

To plant you must do it before the heat arrives so that the plant has more time to adapt and its roots suffer less. Choose species accustomed to the climate and ensures that they will have enough space and terrain for optimum development. One of the most common mistakes is to plant everything too much together in the garden, which is why in the end we have to sacrifice some for others to grow well. At first, it will look a little empty but patience, once you grow up you will see how beautiful your garden will be.

Pruning trees and shrubs for proper maintenance

So that you can get the right size you have to prune each year your trees and/or shrubs planted to lawn edging . The purpose is to get a well-shaped cup and with the height we want, this is what is known as pruning training. Pruning is done by good scissors, chainsaws, hedge trimmer etc., When the objective has been fulfilled, to do pruning of maintenance and sanitation of dry, crooked branches or that do not receive light will suffice. Not only for trees, has this applied also in shrubs, either with the intention of forming a hedge or highlighting an isolated specimen.lawn edging

To know the best time to prune is easy, do it before they start to sprout or what is the same, late winter. You can do little retouching at any other time, in fact, if necessary you can cut the pacifiers or dry branches that appear. If your hedges have been crazy a little do not leave them to their luck because they will give a feeling of abandonment, the best will be cut them when necessary so that this fact does not happen.

With these simple tips and tricks, you know how to lawn edging  a garden in good condition, taking advantage of spring and summer to enjoy it and be prepared for the arrival of winter.


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