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Buying and selling of websites which is also known as website flipping is a fairly simple concept. It is one of the fastest growing online business. It includes buying, improving and selling the website just like property investors who buy, renovate and sell the property at a higher price. The only difference is that this whole process takes lace online. The catch here is that you do not want to buy an upcoming or self – created website, buy an already established website which has a good place on the google result page (this will attract the buyers) and then names the price and sell. Website Flipping

  1. Buying – This is the most important step and many beginners end up screwing it up and losing big sums of money. To be sure that you are buying a good website you can joinFlippa. It is the number 1 website flipping company at the present. But there are 100’s and thousands of websites you just have to make sure that you buy the right one. To make sure keep the following points in mind –
  • Get websites with names that are easy to remember
  • Buy websites thatare namedlike brands like, etc.
  • Buy only.Com websites as thesecan beused throughout the world irrespective of the business or the country.Website Flipping
  1. Enhancement – This is the hard part where your talent comes into play. Enhancement means adding value, you have to add value to the website like an increase in traffic or income etc. Then only you will be able to send it at a profit.
  2. Selling – Generally, itis advisedto sell the websites at the place you bought it from as the market forces that determined its value at the time of purchase will be the same and any significant change in the price will mean profit for you.

Types of Website Flipping: –

There are 3 types of website flipping in general

  1. The Beginner – This method is a littletime consumingand involves building a website from scratch and selling it after attaining some traffic, it gives you more control over the direction of the website.Website Flipping


  1. Standard – This the most commonly used method of flipping. It involves buying a mediocre website, enhancing it and then selling at a higher price. The time consumed mainly depends upon your talent and effort you put in to enhance.


III. Long – Term Investment – This method of flipping involves a bigger investment, time and skill. The buyer buys the website and profits from the income it provides to him while enhancing it side by side and then selling over a long period of time.Website Flipping

Website Flipping With Tricks

If you have lots of time, then you should go for the beginner method of flipping as it provides a full control over the website and you can be sure that you charge the right price since a lot of hard work will be put into building up from scratch, which is unlikely in the standard method as the person many times gets fooled and ends up paying way more than the actual market value of the site.

Website Flipping

Overall this business should be handled with a great amount of care and knowledge to ensure that you are not being cheated. Wood chip dryer


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