How To Treat Heat Stroke Effective Heat Stroke Treatment 10 Easy Ways


Heat stroke is considered as one of the most dangerous diseases which is known as a form of the heat injury. Heat stroke always belongs to the medical emergency category. That’s why people who are with heatstroke can face the serious situation anytime. Once you meet these case, you need to call 911 timely then give the victim first aid before paramedics arrive. Heat stroke may kill and lead to damage or attack to our brain as well as other organs. Even though most people who have to suffer heat stroke are over 50 years old, there are a number of young people contracting this disease.

Heat stroke usually happens as a kind of progression resulting from illnesses related to milder heat. These illnesses includes heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat syncope. Unfortunately, not only is heat stroke dangerous due to its consequence but also due to its sudden strike without previous signs.optimized and cropped heat exhaustion heat stroke

This disease is often caused by prolonged exposure which have moderately high temperature. The prolonged exposure usually combines dehydration that can make the temperature system of body fail in controlling. The experts found that the definition of this disease can be defined clearly by body temperature. For example, heat stroke is considered as a core temperature of body higher than 105oF which is associated with the nervous system. Nervous system often happen since prolonged exposure to extremely high temperature. There are a wide range of common symptoms that can be based on to pay more attention to our health such as seizures, nausea, disorientation, confusion or even loss of coma or consciousness.


  1. Heat Stroke Treat with Onion Juice

Onion juice is known as one of the most effective ingredients for getting rid of heat stroke. A number of researches conducted by practioners form Ayurvedic found that onion juice should be the initial thing that you have to use when being with heat stroke.onion Juice for Heat Stroke

How to apply:

Onion juice should be applied on the patient’s chest or behind their ears. This home remedy can help in lowering down the body temperature. Alternatively, you can directly chew raw onions and add some drops of honey or cumin to have more effective or flavored. Raw onions which is used in salad also bring your body temperature down.

Apart from treating heat stroke, onion is listed as a good home remedy for nasal-related problems, such as Nasal Polyps.


  1. Tamarind Drink

Thanks to the valuable compounds including vitamins, electrolytes and minerals, tamarind drink lend a helpful hand in treating heat stroke. No sooner do patient drink tamarind than it can cool down body temperature sharply. Tamarind drink also plays an important role in curing stomach disorders as well as mild laxative.

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tamarind juice for Heat Stroke

How to apply:

Soak several tamarind into water which is boiling. Then strain it with sugar to drink easier.


  1. Plums

Plums is considered as a reservoir of antioxidants which is really hydrating. Due to its anti-inflammatory content, plums is essential for relieving internal inflammation which is known as a main cause leading to heat stroke.plums For Heat Stroke

How to apply:

Put several plums into water to make it soft. Then mash these plums by water before strain it. Plums often used as a kind of drink like a home remedy for curing heat stroke. Moreover, to keep calm body we cannot forget to mention the wonderful home remedy.

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  1. Coconut Water and Buttermilk

Buttermilk might be good in replenishing body because it is rich in probiotic with a wide range of essential minerals and vitamins. By the supplement of buttermilk with an adequate amount, body can be provided with a great source of valuable compounds which might be reduced or lost during the excessive sweating. Besides, when using buttermilk together with coconut water, your body will be rehydrated effectively since the electrolytes found in body can be balanced naturally.coconut juice drink For Heat Stroke

  1. Mint Leaves and Coriander Juice

The drink mixing between mint leaves and coriander juice is proved with the sharp decreased in body temperature thanks to its cooling coriander juice For Heat Stroke

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How to apply:

Extracting mint leaves as well as coriander juice then add sugar into the drink. Try to repeat it regularly for the last effect of treatment. Besides treating heat stroke by cooling effects of these herbs, the home remedy also can decrease menopausal flushes and heat or may help in getting rid of itchy skin.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits including the advantage of treating heat stroke. The powerful ingredient stops heat stroke by supplementing body a wide range of vitamins, electrolytes as well as minerals that you may be lost during sweating process, especially magnesium and potassium. That’s why the increased in an adequate amount of apple cider vinegar consumption is along with the rate of these mentioned above mineral which might be cider vinegar For Heat Stroke

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How to apply:

Add some tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into the fruit juice, add more honey and cool water to raise the flavored.


  1. Aloe Vera Juice.

Aloe Vera is one of the most powerful herb that rich in minerals and vitamins. Since the ancient time, aloe Vera is known as the ingredients which has a wide range of health benefits. Heat stroke is totally treated by using aloe Vera juice.  Aloe Vera acts as an adaptogen that helps in boosting body’s ability to speeding up body’s external changes as well as stimulating body’s defensive mechanism. Moreover, adaptogens found in aloe Vera can stabilize the numerous body’s systems.Aloe vera juice For Heat Stroke


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